Training Licence

A Training Licence enables a competitor to compete at one training permitted event.

It is used for those who want to try out a vehicle without having to do so at a full fledged meeting, for those who wish to have a blast around the track, or, surprisingly, for Training purposes.

Simply apply for a Speedway NZ Training Licence by choosing the track where the training event is being held below. 

A training licence cannot be used at a Practice or a Meeting.
​​​​​​​A training licence can no longer be purchased at the venue

Before you go ahead and purchase a training licence, make sure you have a Head & Shoulders photo file ready as you will be asked to upload one. 

Overview of the Online Licensing Process for Training Licence:

  • Step 1 - Competitor completes the online form
  • Step 2 - Competitor receives 3x emails from Sporty
    • 1. Copy of the Licence Form just completed
    • 2. Copy of the Transaction Receipt just completed. 
    • 3. Licence Username & Password set-up for App
  • Step 3 - Competitor sets-up password for App
  • Step 4 - Competitor downloads the Speedway NZ App and signs in
  • Step 5 - Competitor presents licence at Training Day

For more information about the App, click on APP in the website menu

Things You'll Need to purchase a Training Licence Online:

  • Visa, or Mastercard 
  • Head and Shoulder ID Photo file

SNZ Online Licence Fees 2021-22:

  • Training Licence $10

Training Licence 2021/22

Please click on the track you wish to train at below. This will take you through to your Training licence application.